Earlier this month, Nintendo teased us that they are going to release the Mini-NES in the near future.


To the people who do not know, the Nintendo Mini-NES is a Nintendo Entertainment System console that will house 30 of the most popular games in it.


That means, though, that there will be no more additional games added to the game console other than the 30 that is going to be built-in.


The Nintendo Mini-NES truly lives up to its moniker; it actually is a lot smaller than the original Nintendo Entertainment System.


With that being said, there are a few vast improvements. The controller can actually be used for the Nintendo Wii U as well. The only thing you need to keep in mind with regards to the controller is that you will only get one free controller.


That being said, if you want to have an additional controller, you just have to dish out another $10 for it (This is a good price actually since the controller can be used on the Nintendo Wii U).


I also want to point out the Mini-NES’ games you can expect. There will be two Legend of Zelda games in it and it will also have the three Super Mario titles baked into the system as well.


Other Nintendo games would include the Donkey Kong games, Bomberman, and a slew of other popular Nintendo Entertainment System titles.


Well, the sad thing is that Nintendo has no plans of ever increasing the 30-game lineup. What you see is what you get, I suppose.


It is sad considering that the vast majority of game consoles nowadays already sport an internet connection and I think it would be wise for them to include an internet port for the Mini-NES.


But I think that the reason behind the Mini-NES is for people to have a nostalgic gaming experience.


The Mini-NES was released more than 20 years ago and despite its dated nature, a lot of people are still playing some of its games.


Now, they do not have to play NES games via an emulator as they can now enjoy the top 30 games of the platform on the Nintendo Mini-NES.


Nintendo fans will not have to wait long as the Nintendo Mini-NES will be released in November this year.


Also, do take note that the Nintendo Mini-NES will be sold for $60. Are you going to dish out $60 for a date game console?


For me, yes, I definitely will. That is because the Nintendo Mini-NES houses some of my most favorite games back in the Nintendo Entertainment System’s prime.


Furthermore, I treat this item as a collector’s item since, well, it resembles the original NES game console.


If you want to make sure to get your hands on the Nintendo Mini-NES, head on over to the Nintendo website and pre-order this game console.


Again, the Nintendo Mini-NES costs $60 and it comes with one free controller (add $10 for an additional one), and it will have 30 free games built-in to the system.



Call of duty is a first-person shooting game franchise that has released a lot of titles through the years.

Infinity Ward along with Activision aims to deliver new Call of Duty games every year. This year, they will be releasing a new Call of Duty game called the “Infinite Warfare”.

We were teased by the trailer of the game and my first impression was the game is a little bit like Call of Duty Ghosts; the only thing I saw that changed was the graphics (which is pretty smooth and crisp, by the way).

In a recent interview, Taylor Kurosaki and Jacob Minkoff, the narrative director and the overall design director of the game, has spilled some beans about the upcoming Call of Duty game.

The first question that was asked is what will be the Infinite Warfare all about? They said that most of the game will be done in space.

That’s right, most of the battle will take place in space where there is no gravity to help you navigate through the stage.

Now, that may seem to be something scary when you think about it as I’ve played many FPS games before that lack gravity and it was really cumbersome to play.

But, both of them reiterated that that gameplay mechanic will be compensated by what they will offer in the game.

They said that along with the zero-gravity stages, your character will have RCS thrusters and a grapple to help you navigate through the levels.

The grapple can also be used to hook in your enemies for a stylistic kill. The thrusters will also be of huge help to you, especially in later levels.

Both Kurosaki and Minkoff said that this is one of the most challenging Call of Duty games ever released and they completely enjoyed the game development process.

This is quite different because you will be playing with entirely new game mechanics. In Call of Duty Ghosts, you are introduced with the outer space gameplay, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

In Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, players will really be immersed in a zero-gravity environment and it is up to them how they will utilize the equipment that is available to them.

Do not worry, though, as they’ve promised that not all levels will be done in space; there are some stages where you will go back to Earth and eliminate bad guys.

Lastly, Minkoff said that the story behind the creation of the game is that they want to incorporate new innovation in every Call of Duty title they will release. In the case of the Infinite Warfare, they want people to protect the Earth in places that they’ve never been to before (a.k.a. Outer Space).

Have you watched the trailer for the new Call of Duty Infinite Warfare? It is pretty damn good and I also hope that the game will also deliver as well.

The Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will be available this November in various Game consoles and on the PC.




If you’re the type of person who wants to play a turn-based RPG, then I have a game that will satisfy all of your turn-based RPG cravings.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Dragon Warrior Monsters Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color.

For those of you who do not know, Dragon Warrior is the American version of the Dragon Quest games in Japan.

Anyway, the Dragon Warrior Monsters Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color’s story revolves around Terry. Terry’s Sister, Milly, was kidnapped by an unknown monster. A similar monster to that who has kidnapped Milly appeared and told Terry that Milly is held captive and they must go to the Kingdom of GreatTree to release her sister from captivity.

Upon arrival in the Kingdom of GreatTree, Terry met the King and the main character was given his first Slime monster. The King wants to know Terry’s prowess when it comes to handling monsters.

And so, Terry is to train the Slime for the upcoming Trainer’s tournament. Terry ultimately wins the tournament and the King said that if Terry wins the major tournament, he will be granted one wish. In order for him to do so, he must get monsters from all across the land and train them to be the best out there. And thus, Terry’s journey begins!

The game is a little bit different from any Dragon Warrior games because instead of you fighting monsters yourself, you actually let your monsters fight for you.

When you are out on the wild, you will have random encounters wherein you can present food (in the form of meat and other assortments) to try and coax the animal to go with you.

After getting monsters, you can leave them on your farm for safe keeping. Each monster has a “Wilderness” level depicted with a bar and a number beside it. When you leave the farm, you need to input the option for your farm monsters to sleep, otherwise, their Wilderness level increases. If a monster peaks on his wilderness level, he will go back to the wild on his own.

You can increase a monster’s likeness to you by continually using it during battles. You can even breed compatible monsters to create an even stronger monster.

In the Dragon Warrior Monsters Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color, it does use the same turn-based mechanics found in other Dragon Warrior games. Although, I really love the idea of breeding monsters to create a more powerful monster that you can use to win the tournament.

You can start breeding monsters when you reach the Class F rank or if you’re, at least, level 10. Obviously, you will need one male and one female character to breed them into a powerful monster. Just mix and match and see what you can get. This aspect of the game is actually what makes it one of the best games in the Nintendo Gameboy Color gaming lineup.


The Dragon Warrior Monsters Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color is truly something to try if you’re a hardcore RPG fun. It is fun and it incorporates some RPG elements from RPGs of yore.


There are many Chinese mobile phone companies out there that provide really good mobile phones at an affordable price.

Today, we are going to talk about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. The Redmi series of mobile phones from Xiaomi is their affordable phone lineup. Even if it is affordable, does it have good enough specs to warrant its asking price? Let’s find out.

The design of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is pretty good. The mobile phone sports a metallic unibody construction for that premium look that you would normally see on flagship models. The phone feels durable and although it is made of metal, it is a little bit curved so it won’t fall off your hands.

This mobile phone sports all of the usual buttons in their normal placements such as the power and volume rocker controls at the right side, the headphone jack on the top, and the charging port at the bottom. There is also an IR blaster which acts as a universal remote to control your other gadgets like a refrigerator or TV.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 comes with a 5.5-inch IPS display with a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 and a pixel density of 403ppi. Since this is an IPS display panel, viewing angles are fantastic and color reproduction is spot on. It is also worth mentioning that the adaptive brightness of the mobile phone is pretty good and reading texts when outside is not a problem at all.

Since this is a budget phone, the company opted for a more budget-friendly spec under the hood. This phone comes with the MediaTek Helio X10 Octa-core processor with clock speeds of 2GHz and it is also powered by the PowerVR G6200 GPU and 3GB of RAM. The specs are pretty impressive, and although it not well-known, it performed quite well in benchmark tests.

If you’re a multi-tasker and you like to run a lot of different apps at a time, then the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 will not disappoint. There is little to no lag to be experienced and gaming with this mobile phone is also proven to be problem-free.

As for the battery capacity of the phone, at first, I was skeptical. But, according to the official website, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 comes with a whopping 4,000 MaH battery capacity. Even though it is not removable, 4,000 MaH is a lot and you can pretty much use the phone for at least 2 days with moderate use.

And finally, let’s talk about the camera. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 comes with a 13-megapixel rear snapper with an aperture of f/2.2 and a front camera with 5-megapixels and an aperture of f/2.0. The camera of the phone is pretty average and it doesn’t really present anything new to the table. It does suffer some image quality issues when capturing photos in low-lit environments and color saturation isn’t that good. But, if you do not value too much of the color saturation, then this camera should be okay.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is an affordable phone with really impressive performance. Although the camera is a little bit underwhelming, the phone does make up for it in other areas. This Android mobile phone is priced at $175.