Have you heard about HCG? Chances are, if you have been trying to lose weight, you very well may have already heard about just what this substance can do for you. But before you get started taking HCG drops, you might want to know more about medical uses for this product. In this article, we will talk about the various ways that the medical community uses HCG, either as a treatment, a weight loss option, or even as an indicator of certain things going on in the female body. Read on to find out more on hc.


HCG has been used for years as a fertility drug. Because this hormone is only present in the female body when it is pregnant, many women use HCG in hopes that fooling your body into thinking it is pregnant can actually help them to get pregnant. This method truly works, and has been used in fertility clinics, and by fertility doctors, for quite some time, now. You should be very cautious if you are a woman currently taking HCG drops for weight loss and you do not want to get pregnant in the near future.

To Detect Pregnancy

Another way that doctors have been using HCG, since about the same time as its discovery, is to detect whether or not a woman is with child. Since HCG only appears in a woman’s body after pregnancy, this is normally the hormone that any sort of pregnancy test (whether over-the-counter or given in the hospital) is trying to detect. Remember that if you are taking HCG drops for weight loss, pregnancy tests may not be as accurate for you as they were before you first started taking the drug. False positives while using HCG drops as part of your diet may be possible.

Weight Loss

Lastly, one of the newer ways that people are using HCG drops is to help with weight loss. With a combination of low daily doses of this substance, as well as reduced calorie diet, many patients are seeing a significant amount of weight loss. If extreme weight loss might be something that you could possibly be interested in, then HCG drops might just be a great option for you. Before starting any sort of HCG diet, be sure that you are willing to make the commitment, that you have a support system, and that you are buying genuine HCG supplements.