Mobile phone signal boosters are devices that are used to enhance or increase the strength of cell phone signal. Cellular networks do not have uniform coverage and the signal strength can vary considerably across a large area. Using mobile phone signal boosters is often the only way to get better signals.  But choosing the wrong mobile phone signal boosters will be futile.

Before you decide to invest in mobile phone signal boosters, consider these specific factors.


  • What is the signal strength you enjoy right now and what is the real reason behind the poor signal? The poor signal strength can still have a range and although there could be more than one reason for that, it has to be so primarily because of one factor. You may have no signal at all, very poor signal that makes your phones unreachable, mildly poor signal strength which leads to dropped calls but the phones are reachable and poor signal that makes the audio transmission break up in pieces. The real reason behind the poor signal could be poor coverage, fault of the network carrier, obstructions in and around the given place and others. Finding the most influencing factor for the poor signals and the specific signal strength will determine what type of and how strong antennas, amplifiers and repeaters you will need.

  • You need to consider the area specific factors while choosing your mobile phone signal boosters. Do you have only one floor where you need a signal boost or there are multiple floors? Is it an entire building or is it an open space? Is it for commercial purposes where multiple calls will be made at the same time or is it for personal use when at the most you will have two cell phones working at the same time? These factors will demand certain types of mobile phone signal boosters. For instance, if you need a signal boost in one floor or in an open space then a dome antenna would work just fine but if there are multiple floors then you need a panel antenna inside the building. Likewise, if there are many calls to be made simultaneously then the capacity of the amplifier and the strength of the antennas should be state of the art r4 3ds.

  • The other factors to consider are the network carrier or carriers and their frequency band or bands, the size of the building, floor or area and the strength of the signals both outside and inside the premises.