If you’re the type of person who wants to play a turn-based RPG, then I have a game that will satisfy all of your turn-based RPG cravings.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Dragon Warrior Monsters Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color.

For those of you who do not know, Dragon Warrior is the American version of the Dragon Quest games in Japan.

Anyway, the Dragon Warrior Monsters Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color’s story revolves around Terry. Terry’s Sister, Milly, was kidnapped by an unknown monster. A similar monster to that who has kidnapped Milly appeared and told Terry that Milly is held captive and they must go to the Kingdom of GreatTree to release her sister from captivity.

Upon arrival in the Kingdom of GreatTree, Terry met the King and the main character was given his first Slime monster. The King wants to know Terry’s prowess when it comes to handling monsters.

And so, Terry is to train the Slime for the upcoming Trainer’s tournament. Terry ultimately wins the tournament and the King said that if Terry wins the major tournament, he will be granted one wish. In order for him to do so, he must get monsters from all across the land and train them to be the best out there. And thus, Terry’s journey begins!

The game is a little bit different from any Dragon Warrior games because instead of you fighting monsters yourself, you actually let your monsters fight for you.

When you are out on the wild, you will have random encounters wherein you can present food (in the form of meat and other assortments) to try and coax the animal to go with you.

After getting monsters, you can leave them on your farm for safe keeping. Each monster has a “Wilderness” level depicted with a bar and a number beside it. When you leave the farm, you need to input the option for your farm monsters to sleep, otherwise, their Wilderness level increases. If a monster peaks on his wilderness level, he will go back to the wild on his own.

You can increase a monster’s likeness to you by continually using it during battles. You can even breed compatible monsters to create an even stronger monster.

In the Dragon Warrior Monsters Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color, it does use the same turn-based mechanics found in other Dragon Warrior games. Although, I really love the idea of breeding monsters to create a more powerful monster that you can use to win the tournament.

You can start breeding monsters when you reach the Class F rank or if you’re, at least, level 10. Obviously, you will need one male and one female character to breed them into a powerful monster. Just mix and match and see what you can get. This aspect of the game is actually what makes it one of the best games in the Nintendo Gameboy Color gaming lineup.


The Dragon Warrior Monsters Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color is truly something to try if you’re a hardcore RPG fun. It is fun and it incorporates some RPG elements from RPGs of yore.