Call of duty is a first-person shooting game franchise that has released a lot of titles through the years.

Infinity Ward along with Activision aims to deliver new Call of Duty games every year. This year, they will be releasing a new Call of Duty game called the “Infinite Warfare”.

We were teased by the trailer of the game and my first impression was the game is a little bit like Call of Duty Ghosts; the only thing I saw that changed was the graphics (which is pretty smooth and crisp, by the way).

In a recent interview, Taylor Kurosaki and Jacob Minkoff, the narrative director and the overall design director of the game, has spilled some beans about the upcoming Call of Duty game.

The first question that was asked is what will be the Infinite Warfare all about? They said that most of the game will be done in space.

That’s right, most of the battle will take place in space where there is no gravity to help you navigate through the stage.

Now, that may seem to be something scary when you think about it as I’ve played many FPS games before that lack gravity and it was really cumbersome to play.

But, both of them reiterated that that gameplay mechanic will be compensated by what they will offer in the game.

They said that along with the zero-gravity stages, your character will have RCS thrusters and a grapple to help you navigate through the levels.

The grapple can also be used to hook in your enemies for a stylistic kill. The thrusters will also be of huge help to you, especially in later levels.

Both Kurosaki and Minkoff said that this is one of the most challenging Call of Duty games ever released and they completely enjoyed the game development process.

This is quite different because you will be playing with entirely new game mechanics. In Call of Duty Ghosts, you are introduced with the outer space gameplay, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

In Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, players will really be immersed in a zero-gravity environment and it is up to them how they will utilize the equipment that is available to them.

Do not worry, though, as they’ve promised that not all levels will be done in space; there are some stages where you will go back to Earth and eliminate bad guys.

Lastly, Minkoff said that the story behind the creation of the game is that they want to incorporate new innovation in every Call of Duty title they will release. In the case of the Infinite Warfare, they want people to protect the Earth in places that they’ve never been to before (a.k.a. Outer Space).

Have you watched the trailer for the new Call of Duty Infinite Warfare? It is pretty damn good and I also hope that the game will also deliver as well.

The Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will be available this November in various Game consoles and on the PC.